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(Kangwon Institute of Inclusive Technology)

KIIT was founded to establish an autonomous virtuous circle of research ecosystems by integrating our university’s research capabilities in the areas of science and engineering with those of the local society, to harness the power of research in leading our university and local community and to train personnel in advanced research.

KIIT is a national university in a strategic position that is committed to securing unique future technologies and leading the growth of local industries by harnessing the research competitiveness necessary for the fourth Industrial Revolution.

In addition to proactively responding to society’s present day demands, KIIT also aims to train human resources who can anticipate the changes in those demands, as opposed to merely following and reacting to them.

To this end, KIIT practices the following:

01Establish and support a stable research environment

KIIT will integrate the capabilities of outstanding professors and full-time researchers in the areas of science and engineering at our university, establish and support research centers for each specific area, and create a stable research environment wherein professors and researchers can focus on their research.

02Establish a virtuous circle of research ecosystems

KIIT will promote convergence-based group research, plan and receive orders of mid- to large-sized national R&D projects, secure original future technologies, and train advanced research personnel.

03Working hand-in-hand with communities

As a national university in a strategic position, KIIT will form and expand research clusters in the province by utilizing the various research facilities it has secured as well as suitable infrastructure in local communities. As such, KIIT will take the lead in revitalizing the local economy through supporting new unicorn companies in the Gangwon Province and R&D of existing businesses.


The role and vision as a research institute of Gangwon Province are expressed with books and wings, as well as the shape of a tree created between the letters “I”. The eco-friendly image of Gangwon Province is also shown by the blue color.

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