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A Hub institution to lead
an ecosystem of research convergence in the fourth Industrial Revolution era

As a national university with strategic importance, Kangwon National University has operated the Kangwon Institute of Inclusive Technology (KIIT) since its founding in 2018. KIIT's aims are to meet society's demand for research competitiveness and to train personnel so as to produce creative research that can lead the fourth Industrial Revolution era.
KIIT has established a comprehensive research support system through which participating professors and full-time researchers can focus on their research in a stable manner. It aims to establish a virtuous circle of research ecosystems by integrating the research capabilities of the local community with those of the university.
This research institute has established a basis for 'convergence-based group research', including a laboratory for 12 professors who have outstanding achievements in various areas of science and engineering; the laboratory is currently located at our university (Chuncheon Campus and Samcheok Campus). We will continue to attract more professors with excellent research abilities as well as capable young professors with a spirit of challenge; the goals are to promote group research and create a stable research environment which allows professors and full-time researchers to focus on their research.
KIIT was founded with the ambitious vision: 'advancing a central institution of convergence research' both at home (including within the local community) and abroad.
Please share your interest and wisdom for the KIIT to leap forward.
Thank you for visiting KIIT's website. We look forward to your keen interest, insight, and continued support in helping KIIT in its leap forward.

KIIT Director Jeong-hyeong Lee

1 Gangwondaehak-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea (24341)
TEL: +82-33-250-8936, FAX: +82-33-259-5525

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